What Does Merle Haggard Think Of The Future Of Country Music?

If you ask most country fans Merle’s age they’ll probably tell you they don’t like where the genre is headed with so much pop/rock influences and less twang, but it’s refreshing to hear that the legend himself admits that he’s confident about the future of country music.

Haggard recently told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times he thinks things in the country music realm are on the up. He said, “Lately I’ve noticed an improvement in the overall quality of songs and what not. There have been some pretty neat things.” Haggard went on to list some of his top picks in country right now listing Hunter Hayes, Jamey Johnson and Lukas Nelson (Willie’s son).

Although Merle is confident in the future of country music he still is waiting for someone to come along that can fill Johnny Cash’s shoes. He explained that he’d love to hear somebody who absolutely defies what’s going on and takes you in another direction. Maybe it could be you!

In my opinion I love where country music is headed because like anything else it needs to grow and evolve with time. Merle has done just that even when it comes to social media. My grandparents don’t even know how to use a computer, but Haggard is 75 years old and has a twitter account. It sounds odd but he’s learning and keeps up with other artists who are huge into twitter like Miranda Lambert. I follow both of them and some of Merle’s tweets can be pretty amusing.

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