Could You Survive A Hot Air Balloon Ride?

My wife, Casey, has been begging me for a while now to take her on a hot air balloon ride.  Not only does she want to go, but she wants the super romantic experience of going with just us two, and the pilot.  She begs me even though I am not a huge fan of heights, nor do I want to spend a crazy amount of money to scare myself to death.  But with the weather being incredible lately, I may just give her the surprise of her life!  But could you handle a hot air balloon ride?

They say hot air balloon rides are a life time experience that everyone should try at least once in their lives.  But that is what they say about bungee jumping and sky diving, which I will not be doing any time soon, either.  What do you think though?  Is it worth hundreds of dollars for a hot air balloon ride?

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