The Hot Weather Needs A Hot Burger!

With it shaping up to be a hot Memorial Day Weekend, I thought it would be perfect timing to make a super hot burger.  Yeah, I know it might make me sweat a little bit, but I think this recipe is totally worth it.  So break out your favorite ground beef (or turkey or chicken), fire up the grill, and get cooking.  You won’t believe how super easy this recipe is!  Check out the step by step video!

While this burger has a lot of ingredients, I am sure it will turn out just as good if you mix and match certain ingredients, but what is really important is the few tips they give out as well.  Two very important rules that I never followed until recently is do NOT overwork your burgers when mixing them together.  And do NOT press your patties while on the grill.  I know it’s hard not to do this, but I promise it’s worth holding back!

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