Elvis Is Alive…In Hologram Form

The hologram trend started with a deceased rap star and now it’s getting a visit from The King. Digital Domain Media Group, who created a shockingly realistic Tupac Shakur hologram for a Coachella “performance” back in April, is developing a similar virtual visualization of Elvis Presley.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Digital Domain is partnering with Core Media, the company that controls the branding rights to Presley’s likeness, to create a digital Elvis that will perform during live concerts and film/TV productions. The first chance for fans to experience Elvis in hologram form will soon be announced.

“Elvis is the most iconic, most recognized performer on the planet, and we are thrilled to have been chosen to bring new performances and original shows where fans can have their own, new experiences of Elvis,” said Digital Domain Media Group Chairman and Chief Executive John Textor in a release.

Since the debut of the Tupac hologram in mid-April, much speculation has popped up regarding which stars will be digitally resurrected using similar technology. Just last week, the news emerged that Marilyn Monroe will get her own hologram, which be used for a virtual concert tentatively titled Virtual Marilyn Live – A Musical Celebration of the Birth of the Pop Icon later this year. Additionally, the Jacksons and Queen are reportedly considering the use of holographic performances from, respectively, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury.

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– Jillian Mapes, CBS Local

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