Girl Refused Into Disney Because Of Her Costume!

Any Disney theme park is supposed to be the most magical place on Earth!  It’s supposed to be a place where dreams come true.  Well, for one couple, dreams were coming true until they were denied access to the Animal Kingdom!  April Spielman wanted to make sure that her boyfriend had a fantastic first visit to Disney World so she spent months on getting the perfect Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes.  She even spent hours getting ready that morning.  But after she was denied access to the Animal Kingdom because of her costume, she was in TEARS!

15 year old April is still upset that her and her boyfriend were denied access to the Animal Kingdom because of their costumes.  What hurts even worse is that they were able to get into the Hollywood Studios park with no problems.  Even though this is upsetting, Disney has the right to do this!  In their rules, they state that any adult in a costume can be denied access if they feel young kids would mistake them for the character that the park hires to talk to the children.  Even though it’s upsetting, Disney can get away with this!

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