Soda is one of my addictions.  And for many Americans, it’s something we just cannot get enough of.  But there are many things about these soft drinks that you may not know.  While we know that these drinks are sugary and are full of calories, do you even realize how much is in them?  I think you may be surprised when you see it!  Maybe your favorite drink is on the list!

After Yahoo posted just how bad certain soft drinks are, I about fell over in my chair.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  While I enjoy a soda now and then, I might think twice!  Did you know a normal bottle of pop from the vending machine is anywhere from 1.5 to 2 servings!  Yeah, that’s right, a bottle is not one serving!  And these drinks at fast food chains are even worse than you think!  Sometimes, they are even worse than the actual food!

At KFC, you can get a 64 oz. drink.  That’s a FULL gallon of pop.  And when it’s 64 oz. of Pepsi, you are ingesting 780 calories and 217 grams of sugar!  Experts recommend that humans only consume up to 45 grams of sugar a day!  And if you wanted to eat at KFC, you could actually eat KFC Honey BBQ sandwich, a house side salad with ranch dressing, macaroni and cheese, and half an apple turnover!

And at Taco Bell, I’ve even ordered the 40 oz drink and filled that up with Dr. Pepper.  According to the site, that 40 oz Dr. Pepper has 500 calories and 135 grams of sugar!  With that, you could eat a chicken soft taco and order of cheesy nachos!

While I might not completely cut out pop I think I will start really watching exactly how much I drink because trying to be healthy does not work with that much pop!

See what is in YOUR favorite pop by going to


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