Does Your College Know How To Party?

Anyone who’s attended or is attending college knows that wherever your school is located, there is no lack of partying going on, but where do Michigan Colleges come in on the list of the Top 15 Party Colleges in The United States according to

As an Alumni of Michigan State University I thought my Alma Mater would for sure be on the list. After all the stories of rioting, tear gas, and burning couches, of course we know how to party. Actually those days are long gone and while I attended the school I never witnessed any violent events that most remember about the school. Instead I remember epic tailgates, house parties, and bar crawls… all in moderation and responsibly : ) So when I saw this list of the Top 15 Party Colleges in the U.S. I was betting we’d be on the list, but no.

There are actually no Michigan colleges on the list and the majority of them, I’ve never even heard of. I’m not sure where or how put this list together but apparently they’ve never been to Michigan!

Here’s their Top 15, not mine!

#15 Bard College

#14 University of California – Santa Cruz

#13 Warren Wilson College

#12 Eckerd College

#11 New College of Florida

#10 University of California, Santa Barbara

#9 University of Central Florida

#8 University of Tennessee, Knoxville

#7 University of Georgia

#6 University of Wisconsin

#5 University of Texas at Austin

#4 University of Western Ontario

#3 Arizona State University

#2 Pennsylvania State University

#1 University of Colorado at Boulder

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