Would You Eat Pizza Out Of A Vending Machine?

There are certain things that should be in a vending machine, then a long list of things that SHOULDN’T be in a vending machine.  There are plenty of things that are even in these machines that I refuse to eat.  But now, in Europe, they thought it would be FANTASTIC to put odd things in vending machines.  One of those things is pizza!  When I heard this, I thought it would be a crazy idea.  But it is so popular overseas, they are thinking of bringing these special machines to the United States!

I am still up in the air regarding the pizza vending machine.  The idea alone turns my stomach, but after I watched the video, I feel a little better about it.  The machine actually makes fresh pizza for you, starting with actually kneading the dough!

Would you eat pizza out of this crazy thing?

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