Scotty McCreery’s “Animal House”

Scotty McCreery is a very busy young man. He just got done with a phenomenal show at DTE on Saturday with Brad Paisley, The Band Perry, Love & Theft, and Kristen Kelly. Although Scotty has become a country music superstar after American Idol, he’s still concentrating on his ‘real life’ duties. McCreery recently graduated high school and is prepping for college at North Carolina State University. Even with his rigorous touring schedule, Scotty already has a new house just a few miles from campus and has began decorating.

Scotty and myself weren’t even close to being born when the 1978 National Lampoon’s instant classic, Animal House, came out,  but it’s the first thing I think of when I hear someone say “college house.” After all the fortune and fame McCreery has so quickly acquired, one has to wonder if Scotty’s college house will be a place of study or an animal house. Despite the American Idol’s ability to possibly throw the biggest parties ever, Scotty’s passion for music should keep him out of trouble. McCreery will have his work cut out starting this fall as he’ll create a two to three day class schedule and fly out for concerts on his off days. “My friends back home call me the ‘real life Hannah Montana’ because I have two lives,” says Scotty. It won’t be an easy road ahead for the Water Tower Town singer, but I have faith in our buddy Scotty McCreery!

See pictures of Scotty at Brad Paisley’s Virtual Reality Tour at DTE here!

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