Carrie Underwood Debates Being Compared To Taylor Swift

For the first time ever, Country superstar Carrie Underwood is headlining a sold-out show in London tonight! As reported by, Carrie takes a few minutes to talk with London based, BANG Showbiz about being compared to ACM Entertainer of the Year, Taylor Swift.

She makes it pretty clear that their music styles are “completely different” and states about anyone makes comparisons, “they really haven’t listened to either one of us.”

With each having their own pop-country crossover style, it does appear that both seem to have the same final result in mind, and that is bringing more people into country music by “being different.” Carrie does say that “our songs are definitely different. She sings a little bit lighter sometimes and it’s just a difference in our brand of country.”

Taylor Swift (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty)

Carrie Underwood (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty)

As for what Carrie feels about her style of music she states that “for me it’s more exciting than anything if somebody likes me and starts listening to country music over other all those other artists. People want so much ‘real country music,’ but for me it’s cool that we can bring more people into country music by being different.”

Carrie Underwood, wise beyond her years at age 29, is quick to point out that “that is something that’s so cool about country music because everyone has their own thing.”

Taylor Swift’s ‘own thing’ must be working, as she was noted by Billboard as one of the top selling artists and came in just behind U2 to have the highest grossing concert tour for 2011.

Carrie Underwood has platinum winning style as well, as “Good Girl” from her latest hit album Blown Away, is her 10th single to reach platinum status. Carrie is also the second artist in history to have three consecutive albums debut at number 1 on the Billboard charts. (The Boot)

The 2012 CMT Award for Female Video of the Year, went to Carrie Underwood for “Good Girl.”


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