My Burger Doesn’t Look Like The Picture!

Have you ever noticed how great McDonald’s Hamburgers look on the menu and in advertisements? Then when you get the burger it doesn’t look the same. Recently McDonald’s has publicly shared how they make their food look so good on the menu through what they call “food styling.” Many are outraged and feel they’re being lied to. I say who cares? If you like the taste, then it doesn’t matter what it looks like. Also think about any other type of advertising where Photoshop is used in almost all advertising images including our own bodies.

In the video released by McDonald’s they show the hours of prep put into making the famous hamburger look like it does for photos, but the reason they weren’t shy in releasing this information is because they’re using all original ingredients for the show burger. So of course the burger that took hours to prepare looks better than the one you got in 5 minutes. I personally don’t want to look at my burger, I want to put it in my belly!

Check out the pictures and video of the world-famous McDonald’s Hamburger both menu style and the real deal here!

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