Kix Brooks Says He And Ronnie Dunn ‘Still Talk to Each Other’

It’s nearly two years since Brooks & Dunn‘s Last Rodeo Tour ended and the award-winning duo stepped off the stage together for the last time. But according to Kix Brooks, there is no love lost between the pair.

“I talked to Ronnie [Dunn] yesterday, as a matter of fact”, Kix said this morning in an interview with Lisa & Ray from Chicago station US99.5.

While Dunn and Brooks remain amicable, rumors still swirl that the pair do not get along. And while Kix didn’t deny the negative feelings, there is still “something” between the two.

“We do [hate each other],” Kix says, “but we still talk to each other, and go on vacation and go hunting together. If you don’t [hate each other], everyone will say you do, so you might as well admit it.”

Ronnie Dunn also spoke of their continuing friendship in a recent interview with CBS This Morning.

“You parted on good terms?” interviewer Gayle King asked Dunn. “We did,” he replied. “We’re still really good friends. I’ll text him and he’ll call me.”

Kix Brooks is on tour this summer, and his single “New To This Town” (featuring Joe Walsh, whom Kix recently called his “absolute favorite”) is currently at radio.

Listen to the full Kix Brooks interview on US99.5.

– Steve Koscik / US99.5

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