Can You Really ‘Beat The Heat?’

Growing up in the south, I was used to the heat.  The heat never quit, and neither did I.  But after getting my fair share of major season changes and very cold winters, I am not as used to the heat as I used to be.  Some days, especially like recent ones, it’s hard to keep yourself cool.  Air conditioning in the WYCD studios can only do so much! I have been trying to figure out some of the best ways to keep myself cool without looking like a crazy person!  Do you have any tips?

Over the past 15 years, I have been trying to really perfect the best way to keep myself cool during the super hot, and muggy, summers here in Michigan.  The first thing I do is reach for some nice cool water.  Wait, don’t drink it yet!  One of the best ways to keep cool is to dampen a wash cloth or paper towel with some cool water.  Either put it on your forehead or even the back of your neck to keep yourself cool!  I promise, this works better than you think it might!

Next, take some of that water, maybe not the same water you just basted yourself in, but take some water and make some ice!  Sucking on ice throughout a major warm front can also make yourself feel better!  I was at a Tigers game the last weekend they were in Detroit, and it was SO hot, I thought I was going to pass out.  Instead of grabbing an ice cold beer, I actually asked for a small cup of ice!  It worked WONDERS!

Lastly, time to drink your water!  Two major tips when it comes to actually drinking the water.  One, make sure it’s as cold as you can get it.  The colder the water, the faster your body absorbs it. The faster it absorbs it, the better hydrated you stay! Secondly, make sure you SIP your water.  The quicker you drink it, you run the risk of getting really bad stomach cramps.  Believe me, I know from experience!

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