EVERYONE thinks they are a master burger chef.  Everyone has their special sauces or their special seasonings, but I always throw them to the curb when it’s time to break out the grill.  I have been using the same burger recipe for years, mainly because I am too lazy to try something new.  But it also always has my guests asking me what I did “different” to my burgers than the ones they had before.  I tell them it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference.  I always tell them, it starts with the meat!

The ONLY thing I probably do different than most people is that I actually got to a butcher to get my ground beef.  I know not everyone has the money to do it, but I suggest to try it at least one time. It doesn’t have to be an all the time thing, but I promise it’s worth it.  Tell him you want ground chuck that is 80/40.  That’s 80% meat and 20% fat.  Now, a lot of people are trying to go lean, but I promise this is the perfect combo!

Next, I add 1 raw egg to roughly two pounds of beef.  Some people use more egg, but the reason I don’t is because I add some worcestershire sauce to give it a different kick.  Then I add some breadcrumbs to bind it together.  Now comes the final step in our beef mixture.  It’s all in the hands.

When making your patties, Make them a little bit flatter, but a little bit wider.  They will shrink a little on the grill.  But when making your patties, make sure you don’t CRUSH them with your hands.  Be gentle!  And to top the patties of, use a decent amount of salt and pepper on both sides.  This is the ONLY dry seasoning these burgers need!

Now, when it comes to grilling them, that’s up to you.  I tend to like mine medium rare, but you might like yours medium well.  The only tip I will give you is do not, I repeat, do NOT squish your burgers.  Some “experts” say you can press your burger to help create a crust on the outside, I just tend to make my burgers dry that way.

Cheese is also optional.  I usually use American slices because they melt the best, but these burgers are so tasty, I don’t even need cheese!


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