Just when I thought the popularity of the iPhone was starting to diminish, I was wrong!  According to many gadget sites, the iPhone is one of the most sold and sought after phones currently on the market.  Now, you might think it’s “just a phone,” but after reading up on it, there is a lot that it can do that I would have never guessed.

While Android phones boast they have a HUGE selection of apps, the iPhone has a huge selection, too.  And in many cases, the apps are better!  Some app creators know that iPhones are so popular, they created iPhone only apps!  And many times, these apps create a better experience when it comes to your phone.  The iPhone even comes with a ton of great features you might not even know about!

According to Yahoo, there are 25 tips to make your iPhone better!  First, the use of the “personal assistant,” Siri, there are a ton of great things that can be done quicker than ever!

1. Tell Siri the entire email: iPhone 4S owners probably go through a lengthy back-and-forth with Siri just to compose an email. Most people say the person’s name and then, when prompted, the subject line, and finally, the body of the email. But did you know you can do it all in one fell swoop? For example, hold down the home button and say “Remind my wife about the party and say don’t forget to pick up a bottle of red wine tonight.” Siri will know who your spouse is (or will ask you once) and place that in the To: field, and because you said “about” the party, Siri knows you want that in the Subject (Re:) field. You also said “and say,” which places words you said after that into the body of the email. This will all save you time.

One of my favorite things on the list also makes me seem lazy!  Hey, I would totally do this!

Siri is a verbal calculator, too: You might know Siri on iPhone 4S can give you facts and definitions on-demand but “she” can also solve math problems for you, too (this is where students, off for the summer say “so NOW you tell me”). Just give Siri a verbal task, be it addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equations or fractions — and you’ll see (not hear) the answer on the screen. Better yet, this is very handy when figuring out tip at a restaurant. For example, say you’re out with three friends and the bill comes to $300. You can ask Siri something like “What’s a 20 percent tip on $300, for four people?” and Siri will tell you everyone owes $15.

You can read more from the list and see if you REALLY need/want that iPhone.  Just go to Yahoo.com


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