Only One French Fry At The Olympics?

While the Olympics celebrate athletes of all nations and races, that isn’t the only thing they celebrate!  It looks as if there will be over 800 food venders on site for the duration of the Olympic games.  Now, even though the games are being held in London, there will be foods from all different countries for people to snack on.  But after a long thought process, there will still be limitations.  Out of all 800 venders, only one of them will be allowed to serve french fries!  Could you take a wild guess who it is?

Out of the 800 venders at the Olympic games, of course there will be a ton of wonderful local foods.  But if you are looking for fast food, hopefully you like McDonald’s!  According to Yahoo, McDonald’s will be the ONLY fast food vender on site.  Actually, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Cadbury and Heineken are the only name brand items that are allowed to sell anything on site.  And on top of that, McDonald’s is the only vender allowed to serve french fries!

Actually, there is one exception!  If you serve fish and chips, you can serve your “chips.”

The only exception is for vendors selling fish and chips, because it wouldn’t be a British Olympics without fried cod and potatoes wrapped in a newspaper. Because that dish is the United Kingdom’s lone delicacy, fish and chips are exempt from the ban, provided you order both the fish and the chips. No solo chips for the anti-pescetarians out there.

What do you think about this?  Do you think other venders should be allowed to serve whatever they want?  Or is it just “too bad for them?”

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