A Track Star With Great Dance Moves!

For many competitors during the Olympic games in London this year, there will be some VERY serious faces come game time.  Some of the Olympians like to psych themselves up with some good music.  Some just picture the race in their minds.  Some like to dance it out!  19 year old hurdler from Australia, Michelle Jenneke, has a dance routine before her she races.  She’s a major cutie, too!

This is video from Michelle’s race at the Junior World Championships this year.  Someone clipped together her pre-race warm up, and put a music bed under it that is hilarious!  In just two days, the video has over half a million views on YouTube.

The sad thing is that while she blew away her competition, she won’t be competing for Australia at the Olympic games this year.  But she is only 19 and could be back during the next summer games!

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