Things Can Get Freaky When Your Phone ‘Auto-Corrects’ Your Texts!

Times are changing…and now everything seems to be ‘mobile,’ as in using your mobile phone! A new study has found that women are more likely than men to send longer text messages and type out “I love you” when texting, perhaps in an attempt to deepen relationships. The report also reveals that while men are more likely to text a larger number of contacts — 17, on average while women are more likely to text the same 13 people over and over again. Those women are about 41 percent more likely to send longer text messages, though, and about 54 percent more likely to write “I love you.”  Things can get really interesting when you start using the ‘voice to text’ feature….

My husband is new to the smartphone, and he hates typing. So he uses the ‘voice to text’ feature that types out your text for you. The only problem is what the ‘auto-correct’ feature thinks he says, versus what he really said, and he rarely looks to see what it has written before he hits send. So I get some pretty freaky messages from him all the time! When he sent me a message saying he wanted to “see me in a ‘gimpy’ outfit,” I had a feeling that was not what he was really trying to say! Guess the phone did not recognize the word ‘skimpy!’

What is the funniest message you sent or received using ‘voice to text’ or when your phone ‘auto-corrected’ what you wrote?

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