How To Stay Cool During A Mid-Summer Power Outage

When we had those crazy storms a few weeks back, I was only out of power for a few days, but I know a ton of people that were out of power for days!  And I remember in about 2004 when most of Metro Detroit was out of power for almost a week due to a grid shortage.  Since then, I have tried to come up with a few ways to stay cool during a power outage.  When you are put into a situation like that once, you get pretty creative!

One of the first things I noticed that I needed to make sure was to keep everything closed up.  My first feeling was to get the doors and windows open to create a breeze.  That was actually the WRONG thing to do.  It will stay much cooler in the house if you keep everything closed up.

Next, we found sleeping in the basement works pretty well.  Because it is underground, the temperature tends to stay much cooler.  Even if it’s a few degrees cooler, when you have no air conditioning, and are used to it, you will be quite happy.

Another thing to do is to stock up on things before hand.  Get a battery operated fan and a bunch of batteries and be prepared.  Keeping the air circulated is a must!  Also, stock up on plenty of water, and keep a cooler full of it as the first sign the power will be out for a while.  And drink up!  Don’t think you can opt for a ice cold beer, either.  Alcoholic beverages actually dehydrate you.  So make sure you get plenty of water!

And a great thing for the kids is, if you have access to water that doesn’t need power to stay pressurized, is a water balloon fight!  Have the kids get their friends, buy a bunch of water balloons, and have them wage war on each other to stay cool!

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