Man Pranks His Sleeping Wife

I don’t know what it is about prank videos, but once I watch one, I spend an hour watching them.  About 45 minutes into my YouTube frenzy, I found this gem!  It’s a video of a husband driving home on the freeway, and while his wife is asleep, he thought it would be great to prank her!  I knew this would work perfectly, because it didn’t take much work on his part besides a few loud screams!

While on the freeway, this guy noticed a semi being towed in front of him.  And since it was backwards, it kind of looked like it was coming right for their car.  So he thought that instead of waking up his wife when they got home, that it would be funny to scream at the top of his lungs and make her think the semi was coming right for them!  I think I may try this one time!

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