Painful Waxing Makes Female ‘Team USA’ Volleyball Players “Wanna Punch Someone!”

Preparing for the Olympic games includes making sure that everything is ‘smooth and hair-free’ if you are a woman who plays volleyball! The girls on the Team USA volleyball team have some pretty skimpy attire, mainly bikini’s as they work their way towards the ‘Gold‘ goal! In order to fully concentrate on their game, they have to go through some painful ‘bikini waxing‘ which as Kerri Walsh Jennings put it, “makes me wanna punch someone in the face!” All I can say is……. OUCH!!!

Just the thought of a bikini wax makes me cringe! I have heard several of my friends describe the painful process, and that was enough to make me stick to the traditional razor for any hair removal that needs to be done!

One of my most embarrassing moments happened once on vacation with a close friend, who was describing in great detail how a ‘bikini wax’ was performed in a salon that she went to before we left for South Padre Island Texas. We were in a restaurant, and I did not notice a table of guys nearby, who were obviously eavesdropping on her conversation…..until I turned my head and saw them all laughing!

So ladies… you think the end result is worth the pain of a ‘bikini wax?’ 

Chuck thinks that making men undergo a ‘nipple waxing’ could work to deter crime….

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