Teen Tries To Bribe Cop To Get Fake ID Back

If you’re going to try to bribe a police officer, you better have a ton of money. Obviously $15 won’t cut it, but that’s what Christine Stoudemire offered up to a Florida police officer in order to get her fake ID back. The Florida teen was pulled over after swerving and was asked to perform a sobriety test. She refused causing her to be put under arrest for suspicion of DUI. Officer Christopher Hernandez then obtained two ID’s, one of which was a fake North Carolina ID, which Christine didn’t want to give up.

On the way to the jail Christine then tried to bribe officer Hernandez with a measly $15 because she said it took her months to get her fake ID. Christine was charged for a traffic offense and for third-degree fraud. Oh and just in case you have  a fake, possession of one is punishable for up to 5 years in prison, according to the University of Tampa.

I’ve never had a fake ID, but I know a lot of people who have and they’re mostly women. I’ve never heard of anything worse happening than the bar taking their fake away though.

Did you have a fake ID and ever get in trouble with it? Or even better, what have you tried and bribe someone with? Leave a comment below or call 313-298-1999.

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