More People Suffering From ‘Device Addiction’

You’d think those who work in Silicon Valley, of all places, would want you to be dependent upon your smartphones and tablets—but increasingly, those in the tech industry are actually worried about our growing addiction to our devices. It really drives me crazy when I am hanging out with my friends and they are so busy posting crap on Facebook, answering and sending texts, and checking email, that they practically ignore the REAL people that they are with, giving more attention to their phone instead! How about you?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my smartphone too. It is cool to be able to post pictures on Facebook right on the spot while you are out having fun with your friends. But it seems that a lot of people are becoming addicted to the phone, with internet, GPS, texting and more!

iPods can become addicting too. I have a couple friends who keep their earbuds in 24/7 and I have to actually ‘wave at them’ to get their attention to talk to them! It’s kind of a bummer to feel like they would rather listen to their music, than have a face to face conversation too!

Name a sign that someone may be experiencing device addiction.

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