Are You Unhappy At Work?

A lot of people try to say that being unhappy at work is normal, because no one REALLY wants to be at work.  I beg to differ!  While my job here at WYCD is different than the jobs of most people, I know a TON of people that love what they do.  Just sometimes they don’t enjoy their coworkers!  But there are always a few people that truly hate the job they are in because the hours stink, and the pay is just as bad.  And according to Yahoo there are 10 jobs that people just HATE to have.

Yahoo says that, there are 10 jobs that people are just over all unhappy at.  Maybe they hate their boss, and or maybe they work for barely any pay.  Either way, these jobs are things people HATE!  No. 1 on the list was security guards.  I can totally understand this.  Most security guard settings are kind of boring, many times working weird hours.  And since many times security guards don’t have official training, their pay isn’t too good either.  And that’s the major issue with this job, because being a security guard can keep you on your toes.  According to the site:

“However, our data shows that growth opportunities and lack of rewards in this field is what affected the overall sentiment around this type of job. Work environment scored relatively high.”

Other jobs that people hate to have are being a registered nurse, a teacher, and a market manager. And maybe you hate your job for some weird reason.  Is there a reason you HATE going to work everyday?

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