College Students Today Still Prefer ‘Old School’

E-books haven’t solved the woes of high-priced college textbooks. Even though today’s college kids are more plugged in than ever before, the prefer textbooks. Even as more publishers offer the choice of buying e-books for classes, students would rather lug around printed textbooks. While the price of e-books can be 60 percent to 70 percent of the paper version, a NACS poll found that 74 percent of students still want print. Our youngest daughter just left for her first year of college at Western Michigan University, and she wants the print versions too…

With such HUGE savings, I am sure that most parents like my husband and I would prefer that they would buy the E-books instead!

The only print textbook that I would encourage my daughter Alexa to buy would be her Psychology book….because I am featured in this years version!!

Even if your kid in college wanted a print version of the required book for class, have you put your frugal foot down and insisted they buy a much cheaper E-book instead?

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