The Dr. Don Show With Rachael And Grunwald Decorate Robert Pattinson’s Limo

Robert Pattinson has a new movie called COSMOPOLIS. This movie is set in the not to distant future, Robert Pattinson plays a billionare hedge fund whiz kid, Eric Parker, who is on his way to his dad’s barber in his stretch limo when a riot breaks out. Eric is betting on the Yuan and as his bet turns south, his world starts to unravel and he becomes more paranoid at the fact that he may lose it all.

In the movie, the limo Eric rides in is being attacked by the rioters and they begin to tag his limo with spray paint saying some pretty nasty things. Will Eric make it to the barber? Will his world come crashing down with a billion dollar sized bet? The movie is rated R and it is in theaters now.

The Dr. Don Show with Rachael and Grunwald had the chance to “tag” a limo (courtesy of just like the one in the movie. Check out the photos!


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