‘Top 3’ Things We Do With Our Smartphones

Just about everyone I know had a hard time getting used to a new ‘smartphone’ with all the new bells and whistles! Trying to make a phone call was a major challenge when I first got mine about a year ago! My husband hated his, and said he wanted to throw it out the window and get his old regular phone back! But he got used to his and now he can text, email check his Facebook and post pictures too! It probably wouldn’t surprise you that the majority of us who own a smartphone say that we could not live without them. It’s interesting what we tend to do with them….

According to a recent study from Online Publishing Associates:

29 percent of smartphone owners get local news from our phones

31 percent use them to watch videos.

But the number one regular activity accomplished on smartphones? Forty-seven percent of us say we use them to perform the mundane task of checking the weather.

But no one ever uses them to make a phone call!

Top use for your smartphone?

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