Do You Have Any Regrets As A Parent?

I’m pretty sure that most parents, at one time or another, say, “I’m probably not the best parent in the world, but I think I did a pretty decent job.”  Now, if you haven’t you probably are in a small crowd.  But if you have said it before, you have said it because you know there are a few things you would have changed while raising your kid.  While you can’t have a mulligan at parenting, you can at least speak your mind, and hope others don’t make the same mistake!

The Daily Mail did a study with parents that had at least one regret while raising their children.  And before I read the list, I tried to think of my biggest regret.  And of course, my answer was the number one answer from the parents that were asked.  Now remember, this doesn’t mean any of us were bad parents, because we do know there are a ton of them out there!  The number three  answer was that most parents regretted spending little or no time doing special activities with their children.

The survey of 2,000 parents found 63 per cent wish they had done more activities with their child.

Number one on the list was working too much.  Other spots on the list were taken by the answers “being too over protective,” and not “reading enough to them at bedtime!”  There is probably at least one thing you wish you could have changed while raising your kid. Maybe it was something big, or maybe it was something small.  What is your answer?

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