Top 5 Most Hated Relationship ‘Nicknames’

My husband still calls me “Girlfriend“…which is funny, since we have been married for 3 years now! Some ‘pet names’ are cool, some NOT! There are a lot of women who say, don’t call me babe or muffin – those are the most hated pet names for women! Research into the most loved and hated terms of affection found ‘Babe’ to be the most loathed way to refer to a loved one. ‘Sweet cheeks’ isn’t likely to win any favors, while being called ‘Snookums’ ‘Muffin’ or ‘Pumpkin’ were all voted likely to prompt a cold shoulder. So guys, if you wanna call your partner a nickname, ones she might like are…

Terms like ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Lovely’ are still the most liked and acceptable ‘pet names!’

The top 5 most hated:


Sweet cheeks


Baby doll

Baby girl

The top 5 most acceptable:






What nickname does your partner have for you…and do you like or hate it?

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