The Return Of The ‘McRib’ At Mickey D’s

Can you hear the cheers from Chuck Edwards at the news that McDonalds will soon have the McRib back for a limited time! It has gained a cult following since it was first introduced in 1981, but if you are a fan of McDonald’s McRib sandwich you are going to have to wait longer to satisfy their cravings.Though they’re usually on the menu sometime in October, this year’s McRib won’t make an appearance until late December. Are you a McRib fan?  Or do you always order the exact same thing like Linda Lee?

Though it tested well in the Midwest, the McRib was pulled from the McDonald’s menu in 1985 because it wasn’t selling well. It returned in 1989 but disappeared again in 2005; since then, it’s only been offered for a few months out of the year.

I’m not gonna lie, I have never tried a McRib, and I doubt I ever will. Mickey D’s does the traditional burgers and the furthest I will go is to the Fillet O’ Fish sandwich, which happens to be my favorite! I always get the exact same thing every time I go there…#11 Fillet O’Fish meal, with extra cheese, extra tarter and a medium Mocha Frappe’ and never, EVER try anything else!

Are you a fast food ‘creature of habit’ who ALWAYS orders the same thing?

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