Would You Ever Expect To Hear This At Grocery Store? [Video]

There are so many talent competitions on television these days where talented individuals who may not otherwise have a shot at being discovered, are now showcased for the whole world to see! There is the original talent show, American Idol which now will feature Keith Urban as one of the new judges this season. Then there is The Voice with Blake Shelton, and a new show called The Next featuring John Rich! Would you ever expect to see such an AMAZING talent at your local grocery store? Check out this viral video of a ‘random girl‘ as she steps up to a karaoke machine and sings her own version of “I Will Always Love You” that is beyond amazing!

Right there in the middle of a grocery store, this your lady sings this Dolly Parton song, made even more famous by the late Whitney Houston, and in my opinion, gives both seasoned professionals a run for the money!


I have heard of some pretty some crazy stuff at the grocery store, but nothing that comes close to this! When my daughter Gina worked at Kroger as a teenager, she saw a grown man walk into the restroom with a 6 pack of beer, and she told her manager, who found the guy sitting on the floor with 4 already empty bottles by the time he got in there to see what this guy was doing!

What is the funniest/craziest thing you have ever seen at the grocery store?


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