Global Bacon Shortage!? Nooooo!

Does a global bacon shortage scare you? Like most meat lovers I love crispy bacon with my eggs or on a burger, but in recent years I’ve cut my bacon intake way down to try to be a little healthier. Instead of bacon with my eggs I replaced it with turkey bacon and turkey sausage. It’s still pretty tasty and a lot healthier. Even though most Americans may not be able to imagine their lives without bacon, it’s really not that bad. If you’re a bacon lover you may have to get used to replacing it because a global bacon shortage is on the horizon. Livestock farmers in the U.S are struggling to feed their pigs and cows due to poor grain harvests. One farmer is even said to be feeding his livestock gummy bears. I’m not sure if that affects the taste of the food later, but it can’t be good.

Can you live without your beloved bacon or will you stock pile it in your freezer incase we run out?


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