What Is Your Favorite Football Snack?

There is just something about having everyone over the Brighton Compound on Sundays to watch the Lions.  Yeah, I do like watching the game, but all the different food that everyone brings over is also a highlight!  While I like trying new things, I do enjoy the classics like chicken wings and nachos (I ate WAY too many this weekend).  But out of your favorite football foods, do you know what the worst is for you?  And do you know what their closest substitute for them are?  A new survey reveals all!

Out of all the different football foods, iVilliage.com has compiled a list of the WORST ones for you.  I would think chicken wings would be the worst, but they aren’t.  They aren’t even on the list!  They say the WORST football food is a pulled pork sandwich!  Well, heck, there is a reason they are so good!  They say that a chili dog is actually better for you!  Even though the hotdog has fat, the beans in the chili (along with possible veggies) will fill you up more, and quicker than having to eat more than one pulled pork sandwich (my record is 5)!

Other bad foods are bean dip because it usually has a ton of extra stuff in it.  So they say to eat guacamole instead.  Then they say that you should stick to french onion dip instead of artichoke dip because two tablespoons of artichoke dip has a whole 150 calories in it!  French onion only has 60!

What food is your special treat for watching the Lions on Sundays?  You can read more about snacks at iVilliage.com

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