Okay, we get it. After being hounded 24 hours a day, having to be ‘on’ at all times, trying to keep up appearances all day long every day of the week… things can get a little touchy. Whether someone’s the most professional actor in the world or just a troubled singer, every celebrity has to let go. It just so happens a few of them probably shouldn’t have done it publicly.

Here’s a note: everything can be captured on YouTube! We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most memorable celebrity meltdowns that won’t be forgotten for years to come. I suppose famous for something is better than famous for nothing?

Charlie Sheen

Back in January 2011, Charlie Sheen’s hit sitcom Two & A Half Men went on a hiatus after Sheen underwent a substance rehabilitation program (his third try in 12 months) and things went downhill from there. Not only did the network cancel the remaining four episodes of the season, but officially banned Sheen from set after making derogatory remarks about the series creator Chuck Lorre. Though we can’t pinpoint the exact interview or web series where he officially had the craziest meltdown, we can say that the following few months were not full of win for Charlie. His obsession with ‘tiger blood’, his three Goddess girlfriends and his hashtag marketing of #winning all came together in a whirlwind of crazy.

Tyra Banks

While filming her hit reality television show America’s Next Top Model, the famous model had a bit of a meltdown herself when one of the contestants wasn’t showing enough emotion or sadness over being voted off. It’s an odd reason to have a complete fit on TV, but the premise of the tirade was kind of okay? Model Tiffany, having grown up with a difficult background and full of anger, was given a bit of loving advice at a decibel even rock concerts don’t achieve.

Chris Brown

While running the circuits with his F.A.M.E. release, Chris Brown made a stop at Good Morning America and sat down with Robin Roberts. How he thought no one would ask about the scandal and abuse of Rihanna is insane in itself, but when Roberts kept pushing with questions about the entire situation, Brown grew irritated and took it out on some unsuspecting dressing room furniture. At the conclusion of the interview, he went backstage and completely trashed his dressing room, pushing over furniture and even breaking a window causing shattered glass to fall to the unsuspecting New Yorkers below.

Just days later, Brown issued an apology to Good Morning America and Robin Roberts saying he was disappointed in his own actions.

Lindsay Lohan

It’s kind of hard to just pinpoint one moment when Lindsay was at her craziest, but this is a pretty good one. Back in 2007, Lindsay was in a bit of legal trouble as she became the prime suspect of a car chase, where she ended up chasing her assistant through the streets of LA. According to three men at the party, they loaded up into their own GMC to leave a party they were at with Lohan, when the actress jumped in, took the keys and began chasing her assistant. The three men claim Lohan was inebriated as well as high on coke during the entire thing. Not long after, the three men sued Lohan for abduction and for putting their lives in danger as she ran red lights and drove recklessly.

Jason Russell

In just one day in March, the Kony 2012 viral video gained over 20 million views on YouTube making Invisible Children the most talked about charity of the year. The purpose of the video was to make Joseph Kony the most famous name in the world. Kony is a Ugandan leader who uses children as soldiers to terrorize and push fear in the hearts of residents of Uganda. Just 10 days after the release of the Kony 2012 video, Russell was found naked on the streets, speaking incoherently and running through traffic. While many believed the Kony marketing plan was a scam because of Russell’s mental state, his reps stated he had a period of brief reactive psychosis due to extreme exhaustion and stress.

Britney Spears

There were a few iffy moments with the pop princess in the past 10 years that could be considered a meltdown, but the most infamous of them all is easily Britney’s shaved head / umbrella beatdown. In February 2007, Britney checked into a rehab center briefly before quickly checking herself out and within days, she had shaved her head completely bald. To make matters worse, just days later she was caught wielding her three foot umbrella at a photographers car out of anger. Many believe the meltdown was due to her divorce from Kevin Federline. Britney continued the year by skipping out on child custody hearings, making a fool of herself at the VMAs, jumping in the ocean in her bra and panties with on looking paparazzi and running red lights with her small children in the car.

The video below is amateur footage caught from Britney’s shaved head night when she decided to also get a tattoo.

Naomi Campbell

It couldn’t have been easy for model Naomi Campbell to find a new assistant after she made headlines for abuse of her employees. In 2005, Campbell was charged with abuse of her assistant Amanda Brack for reportedly shoving a phone in her face, screaming at her, verbally attacking the girl and slapping her across the face. Not long after, she made headlines again after slapping a driver in the face and in 2007, she plead guilty to attacking her housekeeper.

Kanye West

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards may be the most famous of MTV’s award shows… ever. And it was all made possible by Kanye West. He’s been the face of viral memes, YouTube remixes and overused puns ever since. During the first award of the night for Female Video of the Year, a surprised Taylor Swift took the stage to accept her award, smiling from ear to ear. Just seconds later, her mix of confusion and shock rippled through the country as Kanye West took the stage and made his infamous speech: “I’mma let you finish, but Beyonce had the best video of all time.”

A shocked Beyonce mouthed “what?” in dismay as cameras were directed at her and an even more unsure Taylor Swift stood on stage like a deer in headlights. In an act of good faith, Beyonce took the stage to accept the Video of the Year award at the end of the show and instead of using the time for her own, she brought Taylor back on stage to have her moment that was ripped from her.

For the complete list that includes Christian Bale and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, CLICK HERE!

-Jodi Phillips / Kiss 95.1


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