Several years ago 99.5 WYCD’s Dr. Don Morning Show producer, Steve Grunwald got into a bet with Country Superstar Brad Paisley.  Brad had just released a new single called “The World” and had heard about Grunwald’s worldwide adventures including a trip to the Amazon where we gave him $99 and he had to B.S. his way back to the US!

In a 2007 interview on the Dr. Don Morning Show with Rachael and Grunwald, Paisley bet Grunwald that he couldn’t travel to ten countries in ten days around the world! Dr. Don said, “you’re on,” and Grunwald’s trip to Africa began!



We dropped him off in Tanzania, in the most dangerous man-eating lion area in the world. On day two he arrived in Kenya with his 6 foot cardboard cutout of Brad Paisley where he visited the Masai tribe and ended up marrying the Chief’s daughter!

Brad Paisley Outside a Masai Hut

Brad Paisley (cut out) outside a Masai Hut (Photo by Steve Grunwald/99.5 WYCD)

Commenting on his cardboard cut-out in front of a Masai mud hut, a “flattered and shocked” Paisley says “I still can’t believe you did all that. Craziest thing about it to me was that’s like something that should be on the Discovery Channel what you did. And you did this on the radio, which is so odd because no one can see it. It’s like you went through all this trouble and all of us are just listening.”

Fast forward to today, and a call in to Brad Paisley, to find out if he could help with Steve’s latest request from the Masai tribe of Kenya.

Steve Grunwald received a letter from the good Chief’s brother requesting he purchase and deliver a cow to the village to support his “wife” and the entire village. Not just any cow, but a female cow that would supply the whole village with cattle for the future. Interestingly, the Masai depend on cattle for many things but they don’t eat them. Read more.

When Brad Paisley heard about this he was more than happy to send Grunwald back to that “Southern Comfort Zone” to get the Masai a cow. “I’m all in, I mean, it sounds to me like a once in a lifetime opportunity to help out my fellow man and I’m totally game, this sounds great!”

When it comes to the logistics of the cow purchase, Brad admitted that he hadn’t done any cow shopping, however, “we had some livestock out here for a little while, but they were deer actually, and they don’t make good pets.” Apparently the deer were there already when the Paisley’s purchased their farm, so they kept them, but “they are meant for certain purposes, and one of them is not petting.”

The cow will be picked up by Steve Grunwald in the Capitol of Nairobi and then have it taken by truck to the tribe.  Paisley is quick to tell Grunwald that “there’s a little something extra in it for you if you’ll ride it into town.” After Brad so generously offered to pick up the tab, it was decided that the cow would be named “Paisley,” and without skipping a beat, he responds with “this is another dream come true, I’ve definitely arrived!”

Sounds like we’re going to have to get Grunwald another Paisley cardboard cut-out.  Stay tuned to The Dr. Don Morning Show with Rachael and Grunwald and for more details to come!

Listen to the complete interview/phone call/request with Brad Paisley:

Check out the incredible photos from Steve Grunwald (with his Brad Paisley cut-out) Around the World and Online! See his 2007 trip through Tanzania, Kenya, Bangkok and more!

Keep up with the latest on Brad Paisley at

Nanci Haskin/99.5 WYCD

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