Underrated Jobs That Earn Big Bucks!

CareerCast.com has published their list of the most underrated jobs and Computer Systems Analyst takes the top prize this year! These are the people who study an organization’s computer systems and procedures and make recommendations for how to better organize, manage, and upgrade technology.If you’ve ever used a computer at your job you know this is one of the most necessary, and underrated, jobs. And it pays well with a median salary of $78,148. Here are some more ‘underrated jobs’ where you can earn big bucks…

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Computer Systems Analyst is expected to grow 22 percent in the next decade.

Other underrated jobs include:

2. Civil Engineer, Median Salary: $78,133

3. Veterinarian, Median Salary: $82,190

4. Biologist, Median Salary: $73,285

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