Eric Church Tour Rolls Into The Motor City Like Outlaws On The Run!

The Eric Church ‘Blood, Sweat & Beers’ tour rolled into the Motor City like outlaws on the run and the pre-hype and fan frenzy lived up to Eric’s reputation.

The Church tour is the modern day Waylon show, living on edge of town, running from the law with a fist pumping in the air. The packed crowd knew the lyrics to every song and defiantly sang the lyrics “she’s gotta rock and I got stoned” as Church professed his love for Jack Daniels.


The massive stage decorated with cool whiskey barrels and flame throwing pyro, while  lasers pulsed to radio smashes like “Springsteen,” his tribute to high school romance. As Church crooned “every superman has his kryptonite” the sing-along crowd belted out every word to seemingly every song, however obscure or radio smashes.

The highlight of the show was the edgy “Creepin'” from the Chief album which featured a monster laser production and a powerful baseline that drove the crowd into a Motor City frenzy.

Church lives on the edge of town like Waylon and Willie. And just like the Hank Medallion on his neck, he’s not afraid of who he is, or what he stands for and country fans all agree, he is the real deal.

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Tim Roberts, Program Director/99.5 WYCD

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