‘Parenting While Texting’ Can Be Dangerous

I guess you could call the ‘Distracted Parenting‘ and is a sign of our times! This mom here seems oblivious to her son pulling his sisters hair while she is talking on the phone! And all moms know, when you are not paying attention, and your kids know you are on the phone, that is when they take advantage of you being ‘distracted’ to do things they know they should not be doing.When mom is ‘parenting while ‘texting,’ small kids can easily get hurt too. New study shows that the number of kids who are injured while with their parents is on the rise, and sell phones could be to blame!

Parents of young kids, keep your phones in your pocket while at the playground: The Wall Street Journal today looks at the potential problem of “texting while parenting.”   It’s a strange coincidence of stats: The number of injuries to kids younger than age 5 rose 12% between 2007 and 2010, which is odd because the figure had been falling for years before that. Meanwhile, the number of smartphones has exploded in the same span, from about 9 million to 114 million.

It’s a parental ‘true confession’ time here: What did your kid do while you were texting or talking on the phone?

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