Bad News For ‘Black Friday’ Shoppers

This has been a ‘day after Thanksgiving‘ tradition for so many years, and seems to have gotten to be so much bigger in recent years! If you’re one of the millions of shoppers who camp out all night outside stores before Black Friday in hopes of nabbing a huge deal when the doors swing open, you’ve been duped. At least that’s what new data from the Wall Street Journal reveals. Before you camp out again this year, and celebrate your ‘amazing deal,‘ you may want to read this….

Pricing data from more than 50 brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers, gathered over a two to 6-year period, shows that the best time to nab big bargains on common holiday gifts is often not on the traditional day-after-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza.

Well this is actually good news for people like me, who have a tradition of waiting until the last-minute to do their Christmas shopping!

 Will this make you are a reconsider your “Black Friday” shopping approach this year?

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