After a whirlwind trip on behalf of Brad Paisley to deliver a cow to the Masai tribe, we are almost ready to say goodbye to the Amboseli Game Preserve and make the long journey back to Nairobi. I try and imagine what this place was like years ago. So wild and so beautiful. YES, and so very dangerous. I think that’s what is part of the charm as well.


Open, wild country as far as you can see. People living off the land, doing what ever they can to survive. I would like to come back someday and spend more than 2 days here, ha ha. I think you need at least a week to explore.

dsc00880b Brad Paisley Would Love This ‘Southern Comfort Zone!’

Masai herding their cattle (Photos by Josh Chadwick & Steve Grunwald/99.5 WYCD)

Wait, someone is trying to sell me an ostrich egg. How can you make something like that up? Yup, a real egg. I guess you can cook it or you can take the egg and poke a small hole in the shell. Use the small stick to scramble the egg inside. Then you place the egg in the coals of the fire and cook it, while turning it and stirring the inside. Sounds kind of cool, but not sure how an ostrich egg tastes. I guess it’s the equivalent of at least a dozen chicken eggs or more. How’s that for a big omelet?

dsc00852b Brad Paisley Would Love This ‘Southern Comfort Zone!’

CLICK HERE FOR MORE MASAI PEOPLE & CULTURE PHOTOS (Photos by Steve Grunwald and Josh Chadwick/99.5 WYCD)

I passed on the egg by the way. People steal them from the nests and try to sell them. It is, of course, illegal in Kenya.

I am typing this as we drive down the road and my laptop just flew off my lap. 30 goats just ran out in the middle of the road. Only in Africa. No seat belts in this van. They don’t use them here. No wonder the death rate from car accidents is so high in Kenya. Good news!  I just asked the driver and only 3:45 min until we get to Nairobi. UGHHHH

Oops hang on……We are stopping now to get some souvenirs for everyone. Don’t get excited if you’re reading this. Between the cow buying and tips, I am broke. But I will try and get a few things for everyone. Or, almost everyone. LOL


Steve Grunwald/99.5 WYCD

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