How Is Your Car Being Treated?

Unless you have all the tools and knowledge about cars, you will eventually have to take your car to the mechanic.  Now, if you have a 1996 Saturn, you are probably fine with how they will treat your car.  If you have a sports car, you might want to rethink who you take the car to!  One man took his Camaro to the mechanic, and put a tap recorder in his glove box, and you WON’T believe what they did.  The owner actually posted the audio online!

When it comes to turning a sports car into a mechanic, or anyone else that will have access to the car, all I can think of is the two garage attendants in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  According to Yahoo, this Camaro owner felt he same way.  William Clark of Easley, South Carolina drives a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS.  This is his second Camaro . . . his last one died after he left it with a dealership for servicing.  He suspected they messed with it, but didn’t have proof.

This is when he decided to put an audio recorder into the glove box to try to catch the mechanics messing with his car.  And when he got it back, this is what he listened back to:

The craziest part is, the owner of the dealership is actually trying to sue the Mr. Clark for posting the audio on the internet!  I guess the owner should have better control over his employees!  The question is, how would you handle this?  You can read more about what happened at

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