Nairobi Vendor Doesn’t Know About The Black Market, But Sure Knows Drake & Eminem

During his recent travels to Africa for the Brad Paisley Cow Project, 99.5 WYCD’s Steve Grunwald takes a walk on the streets of Nairobi in a quest to see if someone would be willing to sell him something off of the black market.  What he finds out may surprise you!

At first this Nairobi street vendor was hesitant and denied even being able to get anything off of the black market, stating “I have nothing.”  As the conversation progressed, the story changed.  For 10 cows, you can buy a Nairobi Princess, so he says.

The more interesting part was the fact that this young gentleman claims he has been to several cities in the U.S., even Detroit. Didn’t really know the Detroit Tigers or even country music and couldn’t name any country artists, but definitely rap, specifically Drake and Detroit’s own Eminem.

Watch the video to see his invite to Eminem!

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