Are The ‘Happy Days’ Really Over?

It’s all downhill after graduation! A new survey finds that our college days are the happiest of our lives, considered more important than even the birth of your first child or getting married.  People consider their college days the happiest period of their lives. And it’s not just the young who believe this. In fact, those aged between 45 and 54 were most likely to value college as their most important life experience, with those aged between 35 and 54 most likely to think they will never have a period of their lives better than their college years.

Once again, I do not agree with this at all. How can you college days be happier than the birth of your first child? Granted, I did not have a colicky baby and I had a supportive husband, but those were some of the happiest days of my life!

I have had lots of super happy times in my life, and I am looking forward to retirement some day when I can relax and chill and do whatever I want without having to spend the majority of my time working! I think maybe my best  ‘happy days’ are in the future!

What about you? Was college the happiest time of your life?


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