Prank Your Friends With This Creepy ‘Ghost Capture’ App

Maybe you  believe in ghosts, and maybe you don’t.  Some people swear they have seen a ghost with their own two eyes! But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you look closely at this photo here taken at a ‘first birthday’ party for my friends granddaughter, you can CLEARLY see the GHOST image of a little girl under the fire extinguisher! She sent me this photo and I saw the ‘little ghost girl’ right away! We both fell for it hook, line and sinker! Check out this next picture more close up…..

My friend was pretty freaked out by the picture that her son took that had the ‘little ghost girl’, and another one that she took of the same location with no ghost!

My friend went from ‘freaked out’ to ‘ticked off‘  when  her son finally confessed that he had actually  ‘PRANKED’ her by using an iPhone APP called “Ghost Capture!’

Get you FREE ‘Ghost Capture‘ APP at the Play Store and have fun freaking out YOUR friends and family!!

Have you ever pranked someone and convinced than there was a ‘ghost’ somewhere? Or saw a ghost for REAL?

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