Theater Accidently Shows Wrong Movie: Terrifies Kids

Imagine taking your little ones out for a fun night at the movies to see an animated film called Madagascar 3 and end up being scared out of your mind when Paranormal Activity 4 comes on! That’s exactly what happened to a group of children and parents in Nottingham, England. I know grown men that won’t go see any of the Paranormal Activity movies, so I can only imagine how scared these kids were when they mistakenly started to watch the horror film. Within two minutes, parents grabbed their kids and ran out of the movie theater terrified by what they saw.

Employees at the Cineworld cinema in Nottingham, England claim a “technical error” caused the theater to show Paranormal Activity 4 instead of Madagascar 3, according to Yahoo Movies. So the question is, if kids waiting to see Madagascar saw Paranormal Activity, did people expecting to see Paranormal Activity see Madagascar? That would be hilarious for the people expecting to be scared, but I do feel for the little kids that may be scarred for life from one of the most creepy movies ever.


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