Toby Keith On His Best Song, F-150’s And The Hall Of Fame

Toby Keith took some time to check in with The Dr. Don Show with Rachael and Grunwald to talk about his new album, in stores now, called Hope On The Rocks. Toby says that the title track is one of his best songs that he has ever written. “I’ve been telling everybody this for days doing interviews but if I was at the Blue Bird Café and they said ‘In your career, play your best 3 songs you’ve ever written’, I would play “Hope On The Rocks,” that’s what I think about it.”

Toby Keith over the years has been the biggest supporter of Ford, especially with the F-150. Toby has a few of his own and also has designed a special F-150. “We give one away every year in a sweepstakes thing and I trick it out with aftermarket rims and everything and we put some stuff on it but the coolest one was we built a tailgate truck one year that you just pull up, back in where you’re going to party, pop the fiberglass trunk lid over the bed and out jumps this plasma screen with speakers and a barbecue pit and everything right there.”

Recently, it was announced that Dr. Don will be inducted in to the Country Radio Music Hall of Fame! Toby Keith took a minute to congratulate Dr. Don. Grunwald asks,  “Can you believe that Dr. Don got into the Country Radio Music Hall of Fame?” Toby replies, “No, but that’s kind of like being the best ballet dancer in Des Moines isn’t it?”

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