Being a celebrity surely has lots of wonderful perks, but having to deal with a crazy stalker is NOT one of them. And just because someone is on the public eye does not make them ‘fair game’ for wackos to follow, harass and scare them on a regular basis. Thank God, that Miley Cyrus has asked the court for more protection from the stalker who was arrested for trespassing on her property on Sept. 8. But is a restraining order enough to keep a crazy person away?

TMZ reports that the 19-year-old star obtained a temporary restraining order on Oct. 30 against Jason Luis Rivera, who attempted to enter Cyrus’ home in Los Angeles with a pair of scissors.The fact that this whack job was carrying scissors, and resisted arrest was enough to land him in jail. But Miley is still scared and rightly so, that he may get out of jail early and she is asking the court to make the temporary order a permanent one instead, and that seems beyond reasonable, don’t you agree?

I had a stalker years ago, who followed me to every appearance I went to on behalf of the radio station, and he would creep me out big time, taking a zillion pictures of me with a disposable camera. I asked him very nicely to please stop following me with his camera, but he ignored my request and continued to follow me, even to work. He would send me cards and notes, mailing some, and taping some on the window of my truck. It was so disturbing, I finally had to go to court and get a restraining order against him. The sad ending to that story, is that after he was served with the restraining order, he took his own life. I felt horrible that it ended that way. But I must admit that living my life in fear was horrible, and after he died I finally felt free and not scared anymore.

Have you ever been stalked by someone, and how did you manage to get them to stop?


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