Dr. Don’s Young Country News: Like Toby Keith Like Son

Toby Keith’s son Stelen is following in his dad’s footsteps and no … it’s not singing. It’s football. Sammy Kershaw’s tour bus crashed. Dave Stewart, the Eurythmics’ producer is behind Reba McEntire’s new sitcom.

We’ll start off with Toby Keith‘s son Stelen is following in his dad’s footsteps and no … it’s not singing. Congratulations to Stelen. He’s made it to one of those high school All-American football teams. Matter of fact, he’ll be playing in a bowl game January 6th in Texas — right in front of the US Army All-American team.

How is that following in his dad’s footsteps? You may not know if but Toby Keith once played for the Dallas Cowboys. Not very long obviously he did go into music which, these days at least, seems to be the better choice.

Up next, it’s Thursday so it must be time for our tour bus accident of the week. This time it involves Sammy Kershaw. I know I’m a little surprised his tour bus had some place to go to! Anyway, Sammy Kershaw was hurtling down the interstate when he was hit by another driver. The other driver did go to the hospital but no major injuries were sustained.

Sammy has vowed that next time he prays for a really big hit — he’ll be more specific.

Finally, what do the Eurythmics have to do with country music? The band is known for their song “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This.” Now Dave Stewart, the band’s producer has been hanging out in Nashville recording with the likes of Martina McBride and†so forth†and he’s come up with a sitcom … about country music. And it made it onto television! It’s Reba McEntire‘s new sitcom.

Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics is doing a sitcom. What’s next? Honey Boo Boo writing Jeopardy questions?

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