See What A Lot Of Guys REALLY Do At ‘Deer Camp!’

Today is “Opening Day” for deer rifle season here in Michigan, and thousands of deer hunters are up north, in search of that ‘big buck!’ But there are guys like my husband who are not really into the ‘hunting’ aspect, as they are into getting away with the guys and hanging out together at “Deer Camp!” My husband is a huge animal lover and I know for a fact that he has never shot a deer in his life. I asked him while he was packing to go up north why he was even bothering to bring his rifle, as I knew darn well that he would not be using it to shoot a deer. Thanks to Facebook, I see now that he just needed a ‘prop’ for his new Facebook cover photo….

Eat, drink and play cards with his buddies is what my husband was most looking forward to, he’s not fooling me!

But I think it is important for guys and girls both to have separate ‘friend time’ and I totally support him going up north for 5 days this week to just chill and hang out with his buddies! I remember my Dad’s close friends wife, who was a total hoot, who pulled a fast one on her hubby when he told her he was going ‘hunting’ with his friends for deer season. She too knew damn well that he was not going out in the woods to ‘hunt for deer’…so she took his gun out of the gun case and replaced it with something about the same weight. When he got home from ‘deer camp’ she asked him how it was being outdoors and hunting for deer. He proceeded to tell her that he spent several hours each day out in the woods, but unfortunately did not spot a deer the entire time. That is when she fessed up to taking his gun out of the case, and said it must have been hard to shoot a deer without a gun!

What do you think your man ‘really does’ when he is up north at ‘Deer Camp?’

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