Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?

Last year I decided to go out and brave the crowds during Black Friday and surprisingly I had a good time shopping and saving a ton of money. This year however, the Thanksgiving holiday just kept me too busy to get out to the store. So here I am on Cyber Monday, which was established seven years ago as the counterpart to Black Friday, and I’m online searching for deals. We’re keeping you updated from various social media from the biggest retailers here. As I’ve been searching, I’m a little disappointed to find out that Cyber Monday might not actually be necessary because the so-called “today only” deals were available even before Thanksgiving.

There are still plenty of deals to be found and the biggest perk of Cyber Monday is the free shipping, but in the future we could see the significance of Cyber Monday fade away because the way we shop is changing. I’ve recently been on a Groupon buying spree and have found some pretty great deals throughout the year. As I compare my Christmas shopping experience from this year to last year, I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed shopping from my couch rather than standing in line for hours especially because most experts are saying you can find the same deals online as you may have found in the store on Black Friday.

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